valid as on 18/09/2018

Regulation 36. Documents & Information to shareholders.
Effective date 01.12.2015

Section 136 of The Companies Act, 2013

Documents & Information to shareholders.

36.(1) The listed entity shall send the annual report in the following manner to the shareholders:

(a)Soft copies of full annual report to all those shareholder(s) who have registered their email address(es) for the purpose;

(b)Hard copy of statement containing the salient features of all the documents, as prescribed in Section 136 of Companies Act, 2013 or rules made thereunder to those shareholder(s) who have not so registered;

(c)Hard copies of full annual reports to those shareholders, who request for the same.

(2)The listed entity shall send annual report referred to in sub-regulation (1), to the holders of securities, not less than twenty-one days before the annual general meeting.

(3)In case of the appointment of a new director or re-appointment of a director the shareholders must be provided with the following information:

(a) a brief resume of the director;

(b) nature of his expertise in specific functional areas;

(c) disclosure of relationships between directors inter-se;

(d)names of listed entities in which the person also holds the directorship and the membership of Committees of the board; and

(e) shareholding of non-executive directors.

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