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Indian corporate law is not only voluminous but also rapidly evolving. The Companies Act,2013, with 470 sections and 7 schedules is incomplete without 13 chapters of rules, each running into dozens of pages. Further practioners need to stay updated with amendments to the act and rules, in addition to keeping abreast of circulars, notifications and orders that are regularly issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs numbering more than a hundred.

CAIRR is a free to use website that provides the Company law integrated with SEBI regulations – LODR, Prohibition of Insider Trading and Takeover Code, at your fingertips. This site and app, which are updated daily at 11 AM use hypertext to integrate rules, notifications, orders and circulars with the Act and provide real time, online access to the Companies Act as it stands on that day.This is a must have site for every chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Corporate Professionals.

This site is created and maintained in public interest by CimplyFive Corporate Secretarial Services Private Limited, the producers of BLISS (Board Leaders Integrated Software Solution)  to demystify the Companies Act, 2013 and promote Ease of Doing Business. CAIRR is free of any charges for the users.

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