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IBC Section 105-Repayment plan.
W.e.f., 01.12.2019

(1) The debtor shall prepare, in consultation with the resolution professional, a repayment plan containing a proposal to the creditors for restructuring of his debts or affairs.

(2) The repayment plan may authorise or require the resolution professional to—

(a) carry on the debtor’s business or trade on his behalf or in his name; or

(b) realise the assets of the debtor; or

(c) administer or dispose of any funds of the debtor.

(3) The repayment plan shall include the following, namely:—

(a) justification for preparation of such repayment plan and reasons on the basis of which the creditors may agree upon the plan;

(b) provision for payment of fee to the resolution professional;

(c) such other matters

Refer regulation 17 of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Personal Guarantors to Corporate Debtors) Regulations, 2019. To view the regulation,Click Here

2.16.17. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Personal Guarantors to Corporate Debtors) Regulations, 2019

17. Contents of repayment plan.

(1) The repayment plan shall provide the following –

(a) the term of the repayment plan and its implementation schedule, including the amounts to be repaid and dates of repayment to creditors;

(b) the source of funds that will be used to pay resolution process costs and that such payment shall be made in priority over any creditor;

(c) a minimum budget for the duration of the repayment plan, to cover the reasonable expenses of the guarantor and members of his immediate family to the extent they are dependent on him, provided that at least ten percent of the realisable income of the guarantor shall be utilised for repayment of debts;

(d) financing required for implementation of the repayment plan;

(e) if the guarantor has any business, the manner in which it is proposed to be conducted during the course of the repayment plan, and the role of the resolution professional;

(f) the manner in which funds held for the purposes of the repayment plan, invested or otherwise dealt with, pending repayment to creditors;

(g) the functions which are to be undertaken by the resolution professional, including supervision and implementation of the repayment plan;

(h) variation of onerous terms of a contract or transaction involving the guarantor;

(i) the details of excluded assets and excluded debts of the guarantor; and

(j) terms and conditions for the discharge of the guarantor.

(2) The repayment plan may provide for the following-

(a) transfer or sale of all or part of the assets of the guarantor along with the mode and manner of such sale;

(b) administration or disposal of any funds of the guarantor;

(c) satisfaction or modification of any security interest;

(d) reduction in the amount payable to creditors;

(e) curing or waiving of any breach of a debt due from the guarantor;

(f) modification in the terms of repayment of any debt due from the guarantor;

(g) part of the income of the guarantor to be used for the repayment of the debt, and the manner of calculating the income of the guarantor;

(h) the manner in which funds held for the purpose of repayment to creditors, and not so repaid at the end of the repayment plan, are to be dealt with; and

(i) such other matters as may be required by the creditors.


The resolution professional shall place the repayment plan as mentioned under section 105 in a meeting of the creditors for its consideration.

Provided that where no repayment plan has been received within such period as stipulated under section 106, the resolution professional shall notify the same in a meeting of creditors

Inserted vide IBBI Notification dated 31.01.2024 regarding IBBI (Insolvency Resolution Process for Personal Guarantors to Corporate Debtors) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024. To view the notification, Click here.

Enforcement Notification under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code dated 15.11.2019 w.e.f., 01.12.2019

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