valid as on 16/05/2024

IBC Section 174-Distribution of interim dividend.
W.e.f., 01.12.2019

(1) Whenever the bankruptcy trustee has sufficient funds in his hand, he may declare and distribute interim dividend among the creditors in respect of the bankruptcy debts which they have respectively proved.

(2) Where the bankruptcy trustee has declared any interim dividend, he shall give notice of such dividend and the manner in which it is proposed to be distributed.

(3) In the calculation and distribution of the interim dividend, the bankruptcy trustee shall make provision for—

(a) any bankruptcy debts which appear to him to be due to persons who, by reason of the distance of their place of residence, may not have had sufficient time to tender and establish their debts; and

(b) any bankruptcy debts which are subject of claims which have not yet been determined;

(c) disputed proofs and claims; and

(d) expenses necessary for the administration of the estate of the bankrupt.

Enforcement Notification under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code dated 15.11.2019 w.e.f., 01.12.2019

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