valid as on 18/07/2024

Regulation 106K - Pre-Issue Advertisement for rights issue
Effective from 01.12.2015

(1) The issuer shall issue an advertisement for the rights issue disclosing the following:

(a) the date of completion of despatch of the abridged letter of offer and the application form;

(b) the centres other than principal office of the issuer in India where the eligible IDR
holders may obtain duplicate copies of the application forms in case they do not receive the application form within a reasonable time after opening of the rights issue;

(c) a statement that if the eligible IDR holders have neither received the original application forms nor they are in a position to obtain the duplicate forms, they may make application in writing on a plain paper to subscribe to the rights issue;

(d) a format to enable the eligible IDR holders, to make the application on a plain paper specifying therein necessary particulars such as name, address, ratio of rights issue, issue price, number of IDRs held, ledger folio numbers, depository participant ID, client ID, number of IDRs entitled and applied for, amount to be paid along with application, and particulars of cheque, etc. to be drawn in favour of the issuer‘s account;

(e) a statement that the applications can be directly sent by the eligible IDR holders through registered post together with the application moneys to the issuer’s designated official at the address given in the advertisement;

(f) a statement to the effect that if the eligible IDR holder makes an application on plain paper and also on application form both his applications shall be liable to be rejected at the option of the issuer.

(2) The advertisement shall be made in at least one English national daily newspaper with wide circulation, one Hindi national daily newspaper with wide circulation and one regional language daily newspaper with wide circulation at the place where principal office of the issuer is situated in India at least three days before the date of opening of the issue.

Inserted vide SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2011, w.e.f.23.09.2011. To view the notification,Click Here

SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2011, w.e.f. 23.09.2011

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