valid as on 27/01/2021

Regulation 6. General provisions.
Effective date 15.05.2015

General provisions.

1. Every public disclosure under this Chapter shall be made in such form as may be specified.

2. The to be made by any person under this Chapter shall include those relating to trading by such person’s immediate relatives, and by any other person for whom such person takes trading decisions.

NOTE: It is intended that disclosure of trades would need to be of not only those executed by the person concerned but also by the immediate relatives and of other persons for whom the person concerned takes trading decisions. These regulations are primarily aimed at preventing abuse by trading when in possession of unpublished price sensitive information and therefore, what matters is whether the person who takes trading decisions is in possession of such information rather than whether the person who has title to the trades is in such possession.

3. The disclosures of trading in securities shall also include trading in derivatives of securities and the traded value of the derivatives shall be taken into account for purposes of this Chapter:

Provided that trading in derivatives of securities is permitted by any law for the time being in force.

4. The disclosures made under this Chapter shall be maintained by the company, for a minimum period of five years, in such form as may be specified.

Refer circular CIR/ISD/01/2015 dated 11.05.2015. To view the circular,Click HereFormats of disclosures are available in Form A, Form B, Form C and Form D. The given formats got substituted vide circular CIR/ISD/02/2015 dated 16.09.2015. To view the forms,Click Here

PIT- Circular CIR/ISD/01/2015 dated 11/05/2015

PIT- Circular CIR/ISD/02/2015 dated 16/09/2015

PIT- Form A (Effective from 16.09.2015)

PIT- Form A (Till 15.09.2015)

PIT- Form B (Till 15.09.2015)

PIT-Form B (Effective from 16.09.2015)

PIT-Form C (Effective from 16.09.2015)

PIT-Form C (Till 15.09.2015)

PIT-Form D (Effective from 16.09.2015)

PIT-Form D (Till 15.09.2015)

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