valid as on 26/03/2023

Regulation 67. General Obligations of listed entity.
Effective date 01.12.2015

General Obligations of listed entity.

67. (1) All correspondences filed with the stock exchange(s) and those sent to the IDR Holders shall be in English.

(2)  The listed entity shall comply, at all times, with the rules/regulations/laws of the country of origin.

(3)  The listed entity shall undertake that the competent Courts, Tribunals and regulatory authorities in India shall have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute, either with the stock exchange or any investor, concerning the India Depository Receipts offered or subscribed or bought in India.

(4) The listed entity shall forward, on a continuous basis, any information requested by the stock exchange, in the interest of investors from time to time.

(5) In case of any claim, difference or dispute under the provisions of this chapter and other provisions of these regulations applicable to the listed entity, the same shall be referred to and decided by arbitration as provided in the bye-laws and regulations of the stock exchange(s).

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