valid as on 26/05/2022

Regulation 10. Filing of information.
Effective date 01.12.2015

Filing of information.

10. (1) The listed entity shall file the reports, statements, documents, filings and any other information with the recognised stock exchange(s) on the as specified by the Board or

(2) The listed entity shall put in place infrastructure as required for compliance with sub-regulation (1).

Refer NSE Circular dated 19.06.2020 regarding path filing of information using NEAPS. To view the circular, Click here.
XBRL based Compliance filings for Listed Companies is introduced vide NSE Circular No. NSE/CML/2018/08 dated 13.04.2018. To view the Circular, Click Here

Circular for XBRL based Compliance filings for Listed Companies at NSE vide Circular No. NSE/CML/2018/08 dated 13.04.2018

Clarification dated 31.07.2020 regarding Use of digital signature certifications for authentication / certification of filings / submissions made to Stock Exchanges

NSE Clarification dated 19.06.2020 regarding Path of filing of disclosures related to Corporate Action on NEAPS Portal

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