valid as on 13/06/2024

Section 292. Exercise and control of Company Liquidator's powers
Effective from 15-12-2016

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the shall, in the administration of the assets of the company and the distribution thereof among its creditors, have regard to any directions which may be given by the resolution of the creditors or contributories at any general meeting or by the advisory committee.

(2) Any directions given by the creditors or contributories at any general meeting shall, in case of conflict, be deemed to override any directions given by the advisory committee.

(3) The Company Liquidator—

(a) may summon meetings of the creditors or contributories, whenever he thinks fit, for the purpose of ascertaining their wishes; and
(b) shall summon such meetings at such times, as the creditors or contributories, as the case may be, may, by resolution, direct, or whenever requested in writing to do so by not less than one-tenth in value of the creditors or contributories, as the case may be.

(4) Any person aggrieved by any act or decision of the Company Liquidator may apply to the , and the Tribunal may confirm, reverse or modify the act or decision complained of and make such further order as it thinks just and proper in the circumstances.

2(23) Company Liquidator  means a person appointed by the Tribunal as the Company Liquidator in accordance with the provisions of section 275 for the winding up of a company under this Act.
2(90) Tribunal means the National Company Law Tribunal constituted under section 408

Enforcement Notification S.O. 3677(E) dated 07/12/2016

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