valid as on 26/05/2022

2.6.8:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Engagement of Research Associates and Consultants) Regulations, 2017

8. Terms and condition of engagement.

(1) A selected candidate shall be engaged as Research Associates or Consultants on contractual basis for not less than six months and not more two years.

(2) The engagement of a Research Associate or a Consultant may be discontinued by giving one months’ notice or one month’s salary in lieu of the notice, to the other party.

(3) A selected candidate at the time of joining the Board shall enter into a contract which details the terms and conditions of engagement, including the confidentiality, with the Executive Director acting on behalf of theBoard.

(4) The terms and conditions of engagement may be modified, in a specific case, where the Board deems it necessary.

(5) Without prejudice and in addition to the legal remedies available to theBoard, the breach of agreement executed under sub-regulation (2) by or on behalf of any Research Associate or Consultant shall be considered a sufficient ground for termination of the engagement made under the contract and may further debar such person from future engagement by theBoard.

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