valid as on 17/04/2024

Regulation 21. Payment of consideration
Effective date 23.10.2011

Payment of consideration.

21.(1) For the amount of consideration payable in cash, the acquirer shall open a special escrow account with a banker to an issue registered with the Board and deposit therein, such sum as would, together with cash transferred under clause (b) of sub-regulation (10) of regulation 17, make up the entire sum due and payable to the shareholders as consideration payable under the open offer, and empower the manager to the offer to operate the special escrow account on behalf of the acquirer for the purposes under these regulations.

2. Subject to provisos to sub-regulation (11) of regulation 18, the acquirer shall complete payment of consideration whether in the form of cash, or as the case may be, by issue, exchange or transfer of securities, to all shareholders who have tendered shares in acceptance of the open offer, within ten working days of the expiry of the tendering period.

3. Unclaimed balances, if any, lying to the credit of the special escrow account referred to in sub-regulation (1) at the end of seven years from the date of deposit thereof, shall be transferred to the Investor Protection and Education Fund established under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Investor Protection and Education Fund) Regulations, 2009.

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