valid as on 23/06/2024

27.3.93 National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Rules, 2016

93. Authorizing any Member to pronounce order.-

(1) If the Members of the Bench who heard the case are not readily available or have ceased to be Members of the Appellate Tribunal, the Chairperson may authorise any other Member to pronounce the order on his behalf after being satisfied that the order has been duly prepared and signed by all the Members who heard the case and the order pronounced by the Member so authorised shall be deemed to be duly pronounced.

(2) The Member so authorised for pronouncement of the Order shall affix his signature in the Order sheet of the case stating that he has pronounced the order as provided in this rule.

(3) If the Order cannot be signed by reason of death, retirement or resignation or for any other reason by any one of the Members of the Appellate Tribunal who heard the case, it shall be deemed to have been released from part-heard and listed afresh for hearing.

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