valid as on 11/07/2024

27.3.85 National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Rules, 2016

85. Witness allowance payable.-

(1) Where the Appellate Tribunal issues summons to a Government servant to give evidence or to produce documents, the person so summoned may draw from the Government travelling and daily allowances admissible to him as per rules.

(2) Where there is no provision for payment of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance by the employer to the person summoned to give evidence or to produce documents, he shall be entitled to be paid as allowance, (a sum found by the Registrar sufficient to defray the traveling and other expenses), having regard to the status and position of the witness.

(3) The party applying for the summons shall deposit with the Registrar the amount of allowance as estimated by the Registrar well before the summons is issued.

(4) If the witness is summoned as a court witness, the amount estimated by the Registrar shall be paid as per the directions of the Appellate Tribunal.

(5) The aforesaid provisions shall govern the payment of allowance to the interpreter as well.

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