valid as on 23/07/2024

20.1.81- Companies (Winding Up) Rules, 2020

81. All money to be paid into special bank account in a scheduled bank.- (1) The Company Liquidator shall deposit into a special bank account in his official name opened in any scheduled bank or any other bank as may be permitted by the Tribunal (hereinafter referred to as the bank) , all moneys including cheques and demand drafts received by him
as the Company Liquidator of the company, and the realisations of each day shall be deposited in the bank without deduction, not later than the next working day of the bank and the Company Liquidator may maintain a petty cash of five thousand rupees or such higher amount as may be permitted by the Tribunal to meet day to day expenses, and all payments out of the aforesaid account by the Company Liquidator above two thousand rupees shall be made by cheque drawn against the said account.

(2) The Company Liquidator shall make quarterly reports to the Tribunal regarding the funds, including filing the bank statements of the special bank account.

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