valid as on 17/04/2024

27.3.40 National Company Law Tribunal Rules, 2016

40. Production of additional evidence before the Bench. –

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in rule 39, the parties to the proceedings shall not be entitled to produce before the Bench additional evidence, either oral or documentary, which was in the possession or knowledge but was not produced before the Inspector, appointed by the Central Government for the purpose of investigating the affairs of the concerned company, during investigation under Chapter XIV of the Act, but if the Bench requires any additional evidence or document to be produced or any witness to be examined or any affidavit to be filed to enable it to pass orders or for any other substantial cause, or if the Inspector so appointed for the said purpose has not given sufficient opportunity to the party to adduce evidence, the Bench, for reasons to be recorded, may allow such document to be produced or witness to be examined or affidavit to be filed or may allow such evidence to be produced.

(2) Such document may be produced or such witness examined or such evidence adduced either before the Bench or before such authority as the Bench may direct.

(3) If the document is directed to be produced or witness examined or evidence adduced before any authority, the party shall comply with the direction of the Bench and after compliance, send the document, the record of the deposition of the witness or the record of the evidence adduced, to the Bench.

(4) Additional evidence or document shall be made available by the Bench to the parties to the proceedings other than the party adducing the evidence and they shall be afforded an opportunity to rebut the contents of the said additional evidence.

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