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9.1.4-Companies (Accounts) Rules,2014

4. Conditions regarding maintenance and inspection of certain financial information by directors.-

(1) The summarised returns of the books of account of the company kept and maintained outside India shall be sent to the registered office at quarterly intervals, which shall be kept and maintained at the registered office of the company and kept open to directors for inspection.

(2) Where any other financial information maintained outside the country is required by a director, the director shall furnish a request to the company setting out the full details of the financial information sought, the period for which such information is sought.

(3) The company shall produce such financial information to the director within fifteen days of the date of receipt of the written request.

(4) The financial information required under sub-rules (2) and (3) shall be sought for by the director himself and not by or through his power of attorney holder or agent or representative.

The financial statements shall be in the form specified in Schedule III to the Act and comply with Accounting Standards or Indian Accounting Standards as applicable:

Provided that  the items contained in the financial statements shall be prepared in accordance with the definitions and other requirements specified in the Accounting Standards or the Accounting Standards or the Indian Accounting Standards, as the case may be.

Inserted vide Companies (Accounts) Second Amendment Rules, 2015. To view the notification,Click Here

Companies (Accounts) Second Amendment Rules, 2015 dated 04/09/2015

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