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29.2.3- Companies (Miscellaneous) Rules, 2014

3. Application for obtaining status of dormant company.-

For the purposes of sub-section (1) of section 455, a company may make an application in along with such fee as provided in the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 to the Registrar for obtaining the status of a Dormant Company in accordance with the provisions of section 455 after passing a special resolution to this effect in the general meeting of the company or after issuing a notice to all the shareholders of the company for this purpose and obtaining consent of at least 3/4th shareholders (in value):

Provided that a company shall be eligible to apply under this rule only, if-
(i) no inspection, inquiry or investigation has been ordered or taken up or carried out against the company;

(ii) no prosecution has been initiated and pending against the company under any law;

(iii) the company is neither having any public deposits which are outstanding nor the company is in default in payment thereof or interest thereon;

(iv) the company is not having any outstanding loan, whether secured or unsecured:

Provided that if there is any outstanding unsecured loan, the company may apply under this rule after obtaining concurrence of the lender and enclosing the same with ;

(v) there is no dispute in the management or ownership of the company and a certificate
in this regard is enclosed with ;

(vi) the company does not have any outstanding statutory taxes, dues, duties etc. payable to the Central Government or any State Government or local authorities etc.;

(vii) the company has not defaulted in the payment of workmen’s dues;

(viii) the securities of the company are not listed on any stock exchange within or outside India.

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FORM NO. MSC.1 Application to Registrar for obtaining the status of dormant company

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