valid as on 18/06/2024

20.1.29- Companies (Winding Up) Rules, 2020

29. Notice to be given of date of settlement.- (1) Upon the filing of the provisional list of contributories mentioned in rule 28, the Company Liquidator shall obtain a date from the Tribunal for settlement of the list of contributories and shall give notice of the date appointed to every person included in such list, stating in such notice in what character and for what number of shares or extent of interest such person is included in the list, the amount called up and the amount paid up in respect of such shares or interest, and informing such person by such notice that if he intends to object to his being settled as a contributory in such character and for such number of shares or interest as mentioned in the list, he should file in Tribunal his affidavit in support of his contention and serve a copy of the same on the Company Liquidator not less than two days before the date fixed for the settlement, and appear before Tribunal on the date appointed for the settlement in person or by authorised representative and such notice shall be in Form WIN 18, and shall be sent in the mode set out in section 20 so that it reaches the contributories not less than fourteen days before the date fixed for the settlement.

(2) The person who posted the notice shall swear by an affidavit in Form WIN 19 relating to the dispatch thereof, and file the same in the Tribunal not later than two days before the date fixed for the settlement of the list.


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