valid as on 13/06/2024

26.1.21 Nidhi Rules, 2014

21. Filing of half yearly return.— Every company covered under rule 2 shall file half yearly return with the Registrar in  along with such fee as provided in Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 within thirty days from the conclusion of each half year duly certified by a company secretary in practice or chartered accountant in practice or cost accountant in practice.

  1. Substituted vide the Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2023 notification dated 20.01.2023. To view the notification,Click Here. To view the return,Click Here.
  2. Substituted vide the Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2020 notification dated 05.02.2020. To view the notification, Click Here. To view the return,Click Here

MCA Notification dated 20.01.2023 regarding Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2023

Nidhi (Amendment) Rules,2020 dated 03.02.2020

Form NDH 3 (Effective til 09.02.2020)

Form NDH 3 w.e.f 10.02.2020

Form NDH-3 – Substituted vide MCA Notification dated 20.01.2023

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