valid as on 27/05/2024

Rule 16- Companies (Compromises, Arrangements and Amalgamations) Rules, 2016
Effective from 15-12-2016

15.1.16- Companies (Compromises, Arrangements and Amalgamations) Rules, 2016

16. Date and notice of hearing.— (1) The Tribunal shall fix a date for the hearing of the petition, and notice of the hearing shall be advertised in the same newspaper in which the notice of the meeting was advertised, or in such other newspaper as the Tribunal may direct, not less than ten days before the date fixed for the hearing.

(2) The notice of the hearing of the petition shall also be served by the Tribunal to the objectors or to their representatives under sub-section (4) of section 230 of the Act and to the Central Government and other authorities who have made representation under rule 8 and have desired to be heard in their representation.

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