valid as on 11/04/2024

6.1.10-Companies (Registration of Charges) Rules,2014.

10. Company’s register of charges.-

(1) Every company shall keep at its registered office a register of charges in  and enter therein particulars of all the charges registered with the Registrar on any of the property, assets or undertaking of the company and the particulars of any property acquired subject to a charge as well as particulars of any modification of a charge and satisfaction of charge.

(2) The entries in the register of charges maintained by the company shall be made forthwith after the creation, modification or satisfaction of charge, as the case may be.

(3) Entries in the register shall be authenticated by a director or the secretary of the company or any other person authorised by the Board for the purpose.

(4) The register of charges shall be preserved permanently and the instrument creating a charge or modification thereon shall be preserved for a period of eight years from the date of satisfaction of charge by the company.

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Form No. CHG-7 Register of charges

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