valid as on 22/05/2024

Regulation 64 - Due diligence
Effective from 26-08-2009

(1) The lead merchant bankers shall exercise due diligence and satisfy himself about all the
aspects of the issue including the veracity and adequacy of disclosure in the offer documents.

(2) The lead merchant bankers shall call upon the issuer, its promoters or directors or in case of an offer for sale, the selling shareholders, to fulfil their obligations as disclosed by them in the offer document and as required in terms of these Regulations.

(3) The post-issue merchant banker shall continue to be responsible for post-issue activities till the subscribers have received the securities certificates, credit to their demat account or refund of application moneys and the listing agreement is entered into by the issuer with the stock exchange and listing/ trading permission is obtained.

(4) The responsibility of the lead merchant banker shall continue even after the completion of issue process.

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