valid as on 22/05/2024

Regulation 28 - Directions by the Board
Effective from 06-06-2008

Without prejudice to the action under section 11, 11A, 11 B, 11D, sub- section (3) of section 12, Chapter VIA and section 24 of the Act or section 621 of the Companies Act, 1956, the Board may suo-motu or on receipt of information or on completion or pendency of inspection or investigation, in the interests of the securities market, issue or pass such directions as it deems fit including any or all of the following –

(a) directing the issuer to refund of the application monies to the applicants in a public issue;

(b) directing the persons concerned not to further deal in securities in any particular manner;

(c) directing the persons concerned not to access the securities market for a particular period;

(d) restraining the issuer or its promoters or directors from making further issues of securities;

(e) directing the person concerned to sell or divest the securities;

(f) directing the issuer or the depository not to give effect transfer or directing further freeze of transfer of securities;

(g) any other direction which Board may deem fit and proper in the circumstances of the case:

Provided that the Board shall, either before or after issuing such directions, give an  opportunity of being heard to the persons against whom the directions are issued or proposed to be issued:

Provided further that if any ex-parte direction is required to be issued, the Board may give post decisional hearing to affected person.

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