valid as on 22/05/2024

Regulation 21- Roll over of non convertible portion of partly convertible debt instruments
Effective from 26-08-2009

(1) The non-convertible portion of partly convertible debt instruments issued by a listed issuer, the value of which exceeds fifty lakh rupees, may be rolled over without change in the interest rate, subject to compliance with the provisions of section 121 of the Companies Act, 1956 and the following conditions:

(a) seventy five per cent. of the holders of the convertible debt instruments of the issuer have, through a resolution, approved the rollover through postal ballot;

(b) the issuer has, along with the notice for passing the resolution, sent to all holders of the convertible debt instruments, an auditors’ certificate on the cash flow of the issuer and with comments on the liquidity position of the issuer;

(c) the issuer has undertaken to redeem the non-convertible portion of the partly
convertible debt instruments of all the holders of the convertible debt instruments who have not agreed to the resolution;

(d) credit rating has been obtained from at least one credit rating agency registered with the Board within a period of six months prior to the due date of redemption and has been communicated to the holders of the convertible debt instruments, before the roll over;

(2) The creation of fresh security and execution of fresh trust deed shall not be mandatory if the existing trust deed or the security documents provide for continuance of the security till redemption of secured convertible debt instruments;
Provided that whether the issuer is required to create fresh security and to execute fresh trust deed or not shall be decided by the debenture trustee.

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