valid as on 29/10/2020

Regulation 94. Draft Scheme of Arrangement & Scheme of Arrangement.
Effective date 01.12.2015

Section 230 of The Companies Act, 2013

Draft Scheme of Arrangement & Scheme of Arrangement.

94. (1) The designated stock exchange, upon receipt of draft schemes of arrangement and the documents prescribed by the Board, as per sub-regulation (1) of regulation 37, shall forward the same to the Board, in the manner prescribed by the Board.

(2)  The stock exchange(s) shall submit to the Board its Objection Letter or No-Objection Letter on the draft scheme of arrangement after inter-alia ascertaining whether the draft scheme of arrangement is in compliance with securities laws within thirty days of receipt of draft scheme of arrangement or within seven days of date of receipt of satisfactory reply on clarifications from the listed entity and/or opinion from independent chartered accountant, if any, sought by stock exchange(s), as applicable.

(3) The stock exchange(s), shall issue Observation Letter or No-objection letter to the listed entity within seven days of receipt of comments from the Board, after suitably incorporating such comments in the Observation Letter or No-objection letter:

Provided that the validity of the ‘Observation Letter’ or No-objection letter of stock exchanges shall be six months from the date of issuance.

(4) The stock exchange(s) shall bring the observations or objections,as the case may be, to the notice of Court or Tribunal at the time of approval of the scheme of arrangement.

(5) Upon sanction of the Scheme by the Court or Tribunal, the designated stock exchange shall forward its recommendations to the Board on the documents submitted by the listed entity in terms of sub-regulation (5) of regulation 37.

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