valid as on 11/07/2024

Annexure [See rule 3]

A. General Instruction. – (1) Indian Accounting Standards, which are specified, are intended to be in conformity with the provisions of applicable laws. However, if due to subsequent amendments in the law, a particular Indian Accounting Standard is found to be not in conformity with such law, the provisions of the said law shall prevail and the financial statements shall be prepared in conformity with such law.

(2) Indian Accounting Standards are intended to apply only to items which are material.

(3) The Indian Accounting Standards include paragraphs set in bold italic type and plain type, which have equal authority. Paragraphs in bold italic type indicate the main principles. An individual Indian Accounting Standard shall be read in the context of the objective, if stated, in that Indian Accounting Standard and in accordance with these General Instructions.

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