valid as on 23/06/2024

24.1.7-Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014

7. Manner and conditions of filing.-

Every application, financial statement, prospectus, return, declaration, memorandum, articles, particulars of charges, or any other particulars or document or any notice, or any communication or intimation required to be filed or delivered or served under the Act and rules made there under, shall be filed or delivered or served in computer readable electronic form, in portable document format (pdf) or in such other format as has been specified in any rule or form in respect of such application or form or document or declaration to the Registrar through the portal maintained by the Central Government on its web-site or through any other website notified by the Central Government:

Provided that where the documents are required to be filed on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper, the company shall submit such documents in the physical form, in addition to their submission in electronic form, unless the Central Government, by an order, does not require submission in physical form andproof of delivery of documents submitted in physical form shall be scanned and form part of attachment to the e-form.

Provided further that if stamp duty on such documents is paid electronically through the portal maintained by the Central Government or through any other website notified by the Central Government, then, the company shall not be required to make physical submission of such documents, in addition to their submission in the electronic form:

Provided also that in respect of certain documents filed under the Act which are not covered for payment of stamp duty through the portal of the Central Government, and stamp duty payable on such documents in the respective State is equal to or less than one hundred rupees, the company shall scan such stamped documents complete in all respects and shall file electronically for evidencing by the Registrar and shall not be required to submit such documents, except those which are required to be filed for compounding of offences or adjudication of penalties or applications to Central Government or Regional Director in the physical form separately:

Provided also that unless otherwise stated in any law for the time being in force, the company shall retain such documents duly stamped in original permanently for the documents relating to incorporation and matters incidental thereto, changes in any of the clauses of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and in other cases for a minimum period of eight years from the date of filing of the documents and shall be required to produce the same as and when the same is required for inspection and verification by the competent authority under any law for the time being in force:

Provided also that any correspondences (physically or electronically) and documents to be filed by any person shall contain name, designation, address, membership number or Director Identification Number, as the case may be, of the person signing such document and make sure correctness thereof and in no case, correspondence, merely with signature and writing authorised signatory shall be acceptable.

Provided also that no request for recording any event based information or changes shall be accepted by the Registrar from such defaulting companies, unless they file their updated Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account and Annual Return with the Registrar of Companies except,-

(i) filing of order of Court or other authorities,
(ii) Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account,
(iii) Compounding application,
(iv) Form for transfer of money to Investor Education and Protection Fund,
(v) Application for removal of the Auditor and
(vi) GNL-1 for making company active.

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