valid as on 23/05/2024

9.5.13 – The National Financial Reporting Authority (Manner of Appointment and other Terms and Conditions of Service of Chairperson and Members) Rules, 2018

13. Leave.-

(1) The chairperson and a full time member shall be entitled to following leave, namely :–

(a) earned leave at the rate of thirty days for every completed calendar year of service;
(b) casual leave, not exceeding eight days in a calendar year.

(2) The payment of leave salary during leave shall be governed by rule 40 of the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972.

(3) The chairperson or a full time member shall be entitled to encashment of leave in respect of the earned Leave standing to his credit, subject to the condition that maximum leave encashment, including the amount received at the time of retirement from previous service shall not in any case exceed the prescribed limit under the Central Civil Service (Leave) Rules,1972.

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