valid as on 24/06/2024

Section 311. Power to remove and fill vacancy of Company Liquidator

(1) A appointed under section 310 may be removed by the company where his appointment has been made by the company and, by the creditors, where the appointment is approved or made by such creditors.

 (2) Where a Company Liquidator is sought to be removed under this section, he shall be given a notice in writing stating the grounds of removal from his office by the company or the creditors, as the case may be.

(3) Where three-fourth members of the company or three-fourth of creditors in value, as the case may be, after consideration of the reply, if any, filed by the Company Liquidator, in their meeting decide to remove the Company Liquidator, he shall vacate his office.

(4) If a vacancy occurs by death, resignation, removal or otherwise in the office of any Company Liquidator appointed under section 310, the company or the creditors, as the case may be, fill the vacancy in the manner specified in that section.

Company Liquidator  means a person appointed by the Tribunal as the Company Liquidator in accordance with the provisions of section 275 for the winding up of a company under this Act.

Amendments to Companies Act, 2013 vide Eleventh Schedule of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

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