valid as on 11/07/2024

2.7.4:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Advisory Committee) Regulations, 2017

4. Composition of Advisory Committee.

(1) An Advisory Committee shall comprise of:-

a) Professional Members, who are eminent academicians or practitioners in the relevant area, and

b) General Members, who are eminent citizens not having direct involvement or interest in the area:

Provided that Professional Members and General Members shall roughly be in the ratio of 2:1.

(2) No person shall be a Member of more than one Advisory Committee at any point of time.

(3) The term of a Member shall not exceed three years:

Provided that a person shall be eligible for reappointment as Member of the same or another Advisory Committee.

(4) The Board shall designate:

a) one of the General Members of the Advisory Committee as its Chairperson; and

b) one of its senior Officers as Secretary to the Advisory Committee and such Secretary shall have right to speak, but not vote on any issue in the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

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