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2.5.10:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Liquidation Process) Regulations, 2016

10. Disclaimer of onerous property.

(1) Where any part of the property of a corporate debtor consists of-

(a) land of any tenure, burdened with onerous covenants;

(b) shares or stocks in companies;

(c) any other property which is not saleable or is not readily saleable by reason of the possessor thereof being bound either to the performance of any onerous act or to the payment of any sum of money; or

(d) unprofitable contracts; the liquidator may, notwithstanding that he has endeavored to sell or has taken possession of the property or exercised any act of ownership in relation thereto or done anything in pursuance of the contract, make an application to the Adjudicating Authority within six months from the liquidation commencement date, or such extended period as may be allowed by the Adjudicating Authority, to disclaim the property or contract.

(2) The liquidator shall not make an application under sub-regulation (1) if a person interested in the property or contract inquired in writing whether he will make an application to have such property disclaimed, and he did not communicate his intention to do so within one month from receipt of such inquiry.

(3) The liquidator shall serve a notice to persons interested in the onerous property or contract at least seven days before making an application for disclaimer to the Adjudicating Authority:

Explanation: A person is interested in the onerous property or contract if he-

(a) is entitled to the benefit or subject to the burden of the contract ; or

(b) claims an interest in a disclaimed property or is under a liability not discharged in respect of a disclaimed property.

(4) Subject to the order of the Adjudicating Authority approving such disclaimer, the disclaimer shall operate to determine, from the date of disclaimer, the rights, interest and liabilities of the corporate debtor in or in respect of the property or contract disclaimed, but shall not, except so far as is necessary for the purpose of releasing the corporate debtor and the property of the corporate from liability, affect the rights, interest or liabilities of any other person.

(5) A person affected by the disclaimer under this Regulation shall be deemed to be a creditor of the corporate debtor for the amount of the compensation or damages payable in respect of such effect, and may accordingly be payable as a debt in liquidation under section 53(1)(f).

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