valid as on 18/06/2024

2.13.30:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Employees’ Service) Regulations, 2017

30. Sick leave.

(1) An employee shall be entitled to sick leave on half pay, on production of medical certificate, at the rate of 20 days for every Calendar year of service subject to a maximum of 540 days during the entire service.

(2) An employee may be granted sick leave during the first year of his service at the rate of one day for every 18 days of service.

(3) Production of a medical certificate may not be insisted upon if sick leave to be granted does not exceed three days.

(4) An employee who has availed sick leave for more than three days for reasons of health shall produce a medical certificate of fitness before he resumes duty even though such leave was not actually granted on a medical certificate.

(5) An employee, who has served the Board for at least a period of three years, may be permitted to avail, during the full period of his service, sick leave on full pay up to a maximum period of nine months and such leave shall be entered in his sick leave account as twice the amount of leave taken by him.

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