valid as on 17/04/2024

2.10.30:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2017.

30. Other duties.

(1) An information utility shall-

(a) provide services to a user based on its explicit consent;

(b) guarantee protection of the rights of users;

(c) establish adequate procedures and facilities to ensure that its records are protected against loss or destruction;

(d) adopt secure systems for information flows;

(e) protect its data processing systems against unauthorised access, alteration, destruction, disclosure or dissemination of information; and

(f) transfer all the information submitted by a user, and stored with it to another information utility on the request of the user.

(2) An information utility shall not-

(a) outsource the provision of core services to a third-party service provider;

(b) use the information stored with it for any purpose other than providing services under these Regulations, without the prior approval of the Board;

(c) seek data or details of users except as required for the provision of the services under these Regulations.

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