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1.3.3. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Annual Report) Rules, 2018

3. Form of Annual Report

The Board shall prepare its annual report, giving a true and full accounts of its activities, policies and programmes, during the previous financial year in the annexed to these rules.


The form is inserted vide the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Annual Report) Rules, 2018 dated 1.05.2018. To view the Form, Click Here

Form of the Annual Report (w.e.f., 01.05.2018)

Form of the Annual Report

[see rule 3]

(A) Chairperson’s statement:

(B) The year in review:

(C) A true and full account of policies, programmes and activities of the Board in respect of-

(i) Service Providers, namely, Insolvency Professionals, Insolvency Professional Agencies, and Information Utilities:

(ii) Transactions, namely, Corporate Insolvency Resolution, Corporate Liquidation, Individual Insolvency Resolution and Individual Bankruptcy:

(iii) Advocacy and Awareness:

(iv) Research:

(D) A review of the quasi-legislative, executive and quasi-judicial functions of the Board:

(E) An analysis of outcomes in terms of transactions and transactional efficiencies:

(F) Summary data – time series or cross section – as may be relevant and available, about the outcomes that may facilitate appreciation of the working of the Code and the Board and promote research:

(G) Impact of the Code on credit market, resource recycling and the economy:

(H) An assessment of the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Board in terms of its objectives and mandate keeping in view its resources, duties and powers:

(I) An assessment of performance of the Governing Board and its vision, policies and programmes for the following year:

(J) A summary of financial performance of the Board;

(K) A statement of non-compliance, if any, with statutory obligations by the Board and the reason for the same;

(L) Organisational Matters, including Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Audit Committee, Right to Information and Transparency:

(M) Such other details as would enable the stakeholders to review and appreciate the performance of the Board:

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