valid as on 20/09/2018

Regulation 62. Website.
Effective date 01.12.2015


62. (1) The listed entity shall maintain a functional website containing the following information about the listed entity:-

(a) details of its business;

(b) financial information including complete copy of the annual report including balance sheet, profit and loss account, directors report etc;

(c) contact information of the designated officials of the listed entity who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievances;

(d)email address for grievance redressal and other relevant details;

(e)name of the debenture trustees with full contact details;

(f) the information, report, notices, call letters, circulars, proceedings, etc concerning non-convertible redeemable preference shares or non convertible debt securities;

(g) all information and reports including compliance reports filed by the listed entity;

(h) information with respect to the following events:

(i)     default by issuer to pay interest on or redemption amount;

(ii)     failure to create a charge on the assets;

(iii)     revision of rating assigned to the non convertible debt securities:

(2)The listed entity may also issue a press release with respect to the events specified in sub-regulation (1).

The listed entity shall ensure that the contents of the website are correct and updated at any given point of time.

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