valid as on 14/11/2018

Regulation 102. Power to relax strict enforcement of the regulations.
Effective date 01.12.2015

Power to relax strict enforcement of the regulations.

102. The Board may in the interest of investors and securities market and for the development of the securities market, relax the strict enforcement of any requirement of these regulations, if the Board is satisfied that:

(a)   any provision of Act(s), Rule(s), regulation(s) under which the listed entity is established or is governed by, is required to be given precedence to; or

(b)   the requirement may cause undue hardship to investors; or

(c)   the disclosure requirement is not relevant for a particular industry or class of listed entities; or

(d)   the requirement is technical in nature; or

(e)   the non-compliance is caused due to factors affecting a class of entities but being beyond the control of the entities.

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